Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive about The Be ONE Project. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us

1) What is ONE Day?

ONE Day is an interactive three-hour program for middle school students (grades 5-8) designed to harness the power of Positive Peer Pressure to create inclusive and welcoming school environments free from physical, verbal, and cyber bullying.

2) What is "Positive Peer Pressure"?

Positive Peer Pressure is the hallmark concept behind The Be ONE Project. Peer pressure is commonly thought of as a negative influence. The Be ONE Project, however, focuses on the potential. Consider the possibility that peer pressure can be harnessed towards inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness. What if it were cool to be kind? Positive Peer Pressure creates a supportive school culture that does not allow bullying to thrive.   

4) What happens at ONE Day?

ONE Day is, first and foremost, fun! The day opens with non-competitive group games that get every student up, moving, and laughing. As the day goes on, the games become more challenging, requiring cooperation in small teams. The day transitions into team-building activities in large and small groups, which in turn leads to conversation and sharing. Over the course of the day, ONE Day breaks down barriers, opens lines of communication, and instills a sense of trust and community. By fostering a school culture of mutual respect, acceptance, and support, ONE Day empowers students to create for themselves a nurturing learning environment where every student is valued for his or her potential.  

5) Why does The Be ONE Project focus on middle school?

Students in fifth through eighth grades are at a critical juncture in their development and growth. During this time frame, kids develop their sense of themselves and how they want to be perceived by others. Between fifth and eighth grade, most kids develop a social media presence and begin to communicate via cell-phones. These grades are a crucial window for students to acquire the skills they need to navigate social media, to engage as involved citizens, to become lifelong learners, and to develop empathy and compassion for their peers.  

Most students who bully during this time do so because they feel pressure to conform and to feel better about themselves. They feel alone, and they externalize their insecurity. Social media makes bullying easy and anonymous. Indeed, most middle school bullies do not perceive their behavior as bullying at all, because they do not see the pain they cause. 

Other anti-bullying programs target high school students. We believe that, by high school, bullying behavior has become habit. The Be ONE Project intervenes before bullying becomes engrained, changing the underlying attitudes and perceptions.  

6) How many students can participate in ONE Day?

The Be ONE Project can accommodate groups of between 50 and 75 students. If you have larger number of students, we can hold two three-hour sessions per day. Your school or organization must provide at least one volunteer - parents, teachers or high school students - per five Be ONE participants. 

7) Can my school or organization combine grades to participate in a Be ONE Project program?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! With combined grades, The Be ONE Project builds bridges between age groups on campus, strengthening the school culture. 

8) Can ONE day be broken into two sessions?

No. ONE Day is designed as a three hour block of time (with an additional 15 minutes needed for registration). The program cannot be broken into separate sessions. You must be able to provide an uninterrupted three hour period. We also need a large space, such as a gym or cafeteria, to be used for the entire three hour block of time.

9) How much Do our programs cost?

The Be ONE Project's programs, including ONE Day, are free to public, private, and charter schools and to community organizations that serve students in the fifth through eighth grades. The Be ONE Project runs entirely on volunteers, and the program supplies are funded by grants and donations. We do ask that you supply a water bottle and a snack for each participant, but if your school or community organization cannot afford it, we may be able to cover that cost as well.

10) Does The Be ONE Project travel to schools outside Arizona?

At this time, The Be ONE Project is only accepting program requests, including ONE Day, from schools in the state of Arizona. In the future we hope to be able to accommodate requests from other states. For more information or questions about eligibility for our programming, please contact Tristan at

11) I want to bring The Be ONE Project to my school! What steps do I take?

The Be ONE Project's programs are free to public, private, and charter schools and to community organizations that serve students in the fifth through eighth grades. If you are interested in bringing ONE Day to your school or community organization, please fill out our form, so that we can schedule a program. You can either fill out a downloadable form or the online form. The online form can be found here. If you have other questions, feel free to email the Program Director at

12) How can I get involved with The Be ONE Project?

The Be ONE Project runs entirely on volunteers. Every ONE Day program requires between 10 and 15 volunteers to participate as group leaders. Many of our volunteers find that participation in The Be ONE Project is so much fun and is so rewarding that they volunteer again and again. If you'd like to join our list of potential volunteers, please fill out our volunteer form, and we will let you know when we have an opening at a future Be ONE Project program. 

As a tax-exempt organization under IRS section 501(c)3, The Be ONE Project relies entirely on grants and donations to bring our community-building, anti-bullying programs to any school that needs us (and, truly, every school needs us). Your tax-deductible donation goes entirely to pay for the cost of program supplies. Please consider sponsoring a student by making a donation. We also gratefully accept in-kind donations. Want to purchase items directly for us to use at schools? Consider purchasing from our wish list.

Have a talent that you'd like to put to great use with The Be ONE Project? By all means, contact us! We are particularly in need of photographers, videographers/film editors, and graphic designers.

13) What resources do you have available? 

For more information about bullying and crisis intervention, please check out our resources page. If you have another concern or want more information, please email us at

14) I am a member of the press. How can I contact The Be ONE Project?

If you are a member of the press who would like to get in contact with us, please send us an email at