The Be ONE Project takes a novel approach to the problem of middle school bullying by addressing the underlying problem: the school culture that allows bullying to thrive. The Be ONE Project not only challenges kids to be kind, but to be positive role models who hold others accountable to be kind as well, thereby harnessing the power of peer pressure towards inclusiveness, rather than exclusiveness.


The Be ONE Project's core program is ONE Day - our community-building, peer-to-peer anti-bullying program for middle school students in grades 5-8. ONE Day is a three hour program of games, activities, presentation and guided discussion creates empathy through shared experience. Participants come to realize that they share the same struggles. They realize that their words and actions are powerful, and that they can choose to wield that power to build each other up, rather than tear each other down. ONE Day breaks down barriers and builds community. ONE Day offers a non-judgmental opportunity for introspection and change, empowering students to create for themselves a school environment free from physical, verbal and cyber bullying.

To learn more, visit the ONE Day page. 


The Be ONE Project is actively involved in community outreach. The Be ONE Project hosts screenings of the movie, Bully, at local libraries and community organizations. Following the movie, The Be ONE Project hosts a guided discussion and question and answer period. In partnership with Teen Lifeline, a teen crisis hotline, we offer crisis intervention referrals at these events. For more information about Teen Lifeline, visit