Matthew Kaplan, Executive Director

Matthew Kaplan created The Be ONE Project after his younger brother, Josh, was bullied at their middle school. Matthew knew the kids who were bullying his brother and believed that they did not understand the pain they were causing. Matthew designed The Be ONE Project as a non-judgmental forum for kids to get to know one other, and to create empathy between students. Matthew created The Be ONE Project from the ground up. Initially a program for the incoming 5th grade class at his own school, Matthew has grown The Be ONE Project into a national non-profit organization. 

To contact Matthew, send him an email at

Tristan Peterson-Steinert, Program Director

Tristan Peterson-Steinert is the Program Director for The Be ONE Project. He coordinates the booking process for schools, community groups, and supervises the Program Presenters. He also coordinates technology and other supply needs for programs.

As a Social Work major at Arizona State University, his passions are deeply rooted in serving the community, fighting for social equality and social justice, and providing opportunities to reach students in need. 



To contact Tristan, send him an email at

Rachell Krell, Lead Program Presenter & Be ONE Club Director


Rachell Krell is so honored to have worked with The Be ONE Project for 4 years, during which she implemented The Be ONE Project’s first high school club model, the first anti-bullying club on her campus. She is a freshman studying Public Relations and Theatre in Northern Arizona University’s Honors College, and she represents fellow students as a member of the Honors College Community Council and the National Residence Hall Honorary. Her passion for Housing and Residence Life ties into everything she stands for: inclusion, advocacy, teamwork, spirit, and leadership. She is a proud advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and she hopes to eventually use her platform as a Residence Hall Director to create a kinder, more accepting world, one student at a time.

To contact Rachell, please reach her at:

Olivia Bolwell, Program Support Coordinator

From being bullied herself to moving all the way to Duke University, Olivia has brought her passion of helping people. She brought Amnesty International and other programs to her school in Europe and is now serving as the coordinator for programs in North Carolina. 

As a senior at Duke University, she hopes to earn multiple degrees in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, global health, and entrepreneurship, continuing her passion of helping people. 



To contact Olivia, send her an email at

Allison Sorgeloos, Development Director

Allison is the Development Director for The Be ONE Project. She works to create programs that build community and create a lasting impression in schools all across Arizona. Allison also works as a Program Presenter, allowing her to implement the curriculum that her and her team develop. 

She is a senior studying Secondary Education at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. Allison represents Alpha Gamma Delta, is an ASU Tillman Scholar, and a corps member of the Next Generation Service Corps. Allison is passionate about language and literature, and hopes to spread the joy of learning by helping others learn and understand that which she is so passionate about herself.

To contact Allison, send her an email at